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What About The Extraction?

Ever wondered why the coffee you make at home, doesn’t taste as good as the coffee at your local café? It’s all about temperature and pressure. Working with Saxon Wright, a World Barista Championship Certified Judge, we identified four key technologies used in commercial machines, that we’ve integrated into the Oracle® giving you true café quality coffee at home. We call it the Gold Standard, and here’s how it works.

Water temperature

Water temperature is the most critical element when making coffee, especially espresso, with just 1°C making a huge difference to the flavour. The Oracle® uses state of the art technology called PID to control the temperature of the espresso extraction, the same as high end commercial machines, ensuring the extraction temperature is +/- 1°C of the desired temperature. Precise temperature control is the start of great tasting coffee.

Simultaneous Extraction

The Oracle® uses our innovative triple heat system allowing you to make 2 cappuccinos or lattes in as little as 90 seconds. This heating system has 2 independent stainless steel boilers, the same as the best commercial machines, allowing you to extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, with continuous steam, on-demand, that won't lose pressure.


Just like the best commercial machines, the Oracle gradually increases water pressure at the start of the espresso extraction to gently expand coffee grinds before applying higher pressure. This allows for a more even extraction, protecting the delicate flavours in the cup, by utilising the full potential of all the coffee grounds used, and reducing the chance of under-extracted flavours.


15 bar pumps are a common feature in espresso machines. However, many coffee enthusiasts are not aware that high-end commercial machines limit the extraction pressure to 9 bar. The Oracle is among the very few domestic machines to control the critical element of pressure applied during extraction. This is achieved through the use of an Over Pressure Valve (OPV) that limits the maximum pressure.

What Does This All Lead To?

Professional Coffee In Less Than 90 Seconds