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Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered a shortlist of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you are looking for here, please call 1300-ORACLE (1300-672-253) to speak with an Oracle Specialist.

Milk not texturing

If your steam wand will not texture milk, or you notice a decrease in foam volume, the steam wand is most likely blocked. To rectify this, you simply need to clean the steam wand. Follow the instructions below and for more detailed instructions, review the care and cleaning section of your Instruction Booklet. Use caution as steam wand and milk jug can be extremely hot.

  1. Add 1 sachet of the provided cleaning powder into an empty milk jug.
  2. Add 1 cup (250ml) hot water into milk jug.
  3. Remove steam tip and place with steam wand into jug.
  4. Leave to soak for 20 minutes.
  5. Clean and replace steam tip, place wand back into the jug and activate steam cycle for 10 seconds.
  6. Allow to soak for 5 minutes.
  7. Purge several times & rinse
  8. Wipe the steam wand dry with a clean cloth.
  9. Discard solution & rinse jug thoroughly.
  10. Use the pin tool to unblock the holes in the steam tip if necessary.

I can't activate the Auto Start Function

To set the auto start function, you must first set the clock. The clock can be found in the menu options.

Water does not flow from the group head

The machine has not reached operating temperature. Wait for the POWER button to stop flashing to signal that the machine is ready.

OR The water tank is empty. Please check water level and fill water tank if necessary.

Steam wand will not produce steam

Please ensure that the machine is on and up to operating temp. The STEAM LCD will be blank while heating. A temperature reading on the Steam LCD signals that the steam boiler is now up to temperature and ready for use.

FILL TANK on LCD but water tank is full

The water tank is not fully inserted & locked in. Push water tank in fully and push the latch closed.

No coffee pouring out OR not enough coffee coming out

Your coffee grinds may be too fine and restricting the flow of water through the coffee puck. This is called an over-extracted shot. Please use the grind dial to make the grind size ‘coarser’. As a reference, the bigger the number shown on the Grind LCD, the larger the grind particles will be.

Coffee pouring out too fast OR too much coffee pouring out

This is called an under-extracted shot and is due to the grind size being too coarse. Please use the grind dial to make the grind size ‘finer’. As a reference, the smaller the number shown on the Grind LCD, the smaller the grind particles will be.

Coffee not hot enough

We recommend heating milk between 60 - 65°C to avoid burning the milk, however, milk temperature can be increased using the selector dialto the left of the steam wand LCD.

A better way to create a warmer coffee is to pre-heat your cups. This can be done by keeping the cups on the warming tray on the top of the machine and allowing some time to let them heat up.

You can also warm your cups by filling them with hot water and discarding this water when you are ready to extract the coffee.

My type of milk does not get enough texture or foam

Some brands of skim, soy, almond & other specialty milks may not yield perfect results. You have to experiment with different brands until you find the one that works best for you.

You can also try MANUAL milk texturing to get your desired result with specialty milks.

Where can I buy more water filters or espresso cleaning tablets?

  1. Go to our website breville.com.au
  2. Click on the ‘Parts & Accessories’ menu
  3. Click on the ‘Espresso’ coffee machine
  4. Scroll down the page & you will find the accessories for the product